Eduardo Dusek brings back Carmen Miranda

Rodrigo Faour
The writer of fun gems like Folia no Matagal, Nostradamus, Singapura and Brega-Chique had been distant from his fans since 1991, when he put out the CD Contatos, "which nobody liked", he says. Well, now he's back with a different project: a disc and a songbook on Carmen Miranda. The singer, songwriter and pianist picked the thirty songs that are featured with the chords for piano and guitar and biographical texts, printed in English and Portuguese. Dusek says that the sheet music was reviewed over and over for six months.

The CD Adeus Batucada 30, that comes along with the songbook (but can be purchased separately), was recorded by Dusek (vocals and keyboards), Beto Cazes (percussion) and Chico Costa (sax), and features eternal Miranda hits: Voltei pro Morro, South American Way, Diz que Tem, Primavera no Rio, Ta-Hí, Cantores do Rádio, Camisa Listada, Bambo de Bambú and many others. The last track, Alô, Alô Brasil, was written by Dusek in a fashion similar to Carmen's repertoire.