Electronic music away from the ghetto

Brazilian label Trama releases the compilation AMP Brasil with the biggest names of local electronica during a live MTV broadcast around the world

Tom Cardoso
Electronic music for every taste. That's what can be appreciated in the compilation AMP Brasil ouvir 30s, presented to the press during an interview in São Paulo. The album, named after the MTV show, is one more step that the label Trama takes along with its sub-label SambaLoco, who have been working hard to take the so-called new Brazilian music out of the ghetto.

The CD was presented to the audience last Friday, during a huge concert broadcast live on MTV Brasil, MTV Europe and MTV Latina, and was being anxiously anticipated by musicians, DJs and producers who have been fighting for years to establish a local electronic scene, which, today, is still dependent on the international market.

"We know that we'll never see a DJ playing trance on regular TV shows, but we are ready to conquer a much greater slice of the market", celebrates producer Bruno E., artistic director of SambaLoco and also featured in the compilation with the track São Paulo, part of his project, O Discurso. "What is missing is a radio station totally dedicated to the style, because we now have the structure, with good clubs and packed raves".

By analyzing the artists and the different approaches in the disc (techno, house, drum'n'bass and trance), AMP Brasil can already be regarded as an encyclopedia of Brazilian electronica. All of the greatest local artists appear in it - DJs Patife and Marky, Rica Amaral, Drumagik, 2Freakz, AD and the group Influx, one of the best new names available.

Success in London
Yugoslavian producer Suba, dead last year, appears in the track Sereia, performed by Cibelle Cavalli, who had already sung in Suba's posthumous album, São Paulo Confessions ouvir 30s. In the concert, she performed with Max de Castro, whose remix of Pra Você Lembrar, done by Patife, is one of the hyped tracks in the disc. Nowadays, Patife lives between São Paulo and London, and recalls how enthusiastic he was when he heard Max's song for the first time. "I was hanging at the Trama office and they played (Max's album) Samba Raro ouvir 30sfor me. I listened to it and decided to do something with Pra Você Lembrar right away", says the DJ, supported within the Londonese scene by Marky, who has his work well-established in Europe - his album, Audio Architecture ouvir 30s, sold 30 thousand copies, a respectful figure when it comes to electronic music.

Marky is in the drum'n'bass realms, as well as the duo Drumagik, creators of the track Aí Maluco. The song was written by brothers Deep and Guilherme for their homonym album (released on Trama), and has now been remixed by Marky. The DJ and the two Drumagik brothers have helped renewing the drum'n'bass, which was dominated by European DJs until recently.

"I reckon Brazil can contribute a lot to electronic music. We are already seen as original and fresh", states Brune E., who discards any possibility of a new Brazilian music movement: "Electronic music is not an artistic movement, it is just an aesthetic manifestation."