João Donato records his first album for 2002

The composer' s next album - Managarroba - will be full of guest appearances, such as Marisa Monte, Arnaldo Antunes and the rapper Marcelo D2 from Planet Hemp

Marco Antonio Barbosa
João Donato is finishing a new album with previously unreleased tracks (in 2001, the composer recorded four albums). The album was entitled as Managarroba and it' s supposed to be released by the Brazilian label Deckdisc. This album will have contributions by many different artists: Marisa Monte recorded Nunca Mais, a track written by Arnaldo Antunes; and the rapper Marcelo D2, from the rap-rock group Planet Hemp, recorded his rhymes in a track entitled Balança. Other possible titles in the album are Flor do Mato e E Muito Mais.