João Donato sings the Amazon

Musician travels to the Amazon to write a symphony for the Rain Forest

Antônio Carlos Miguel
The restless pianist João Donato won’t stop. Accompanied by his friend of 50 years, pianist and songwriter Everardo Castro, Donato has traveled to Manaus, capital of Amazônia state. The both are going to go into the Rain Forest so as to write the symphony Amazonas: Um Poema Sinfônico. The piece is will be arranged by maestro Laércio de Freitas. The premiere is scheduled for September 5th, at the Teatro Amazonas, in Manaus. The recording of the concert should be turned into a record. Donato has already released three CDs, so far this year: Remando Na Raia, The Frog and Brazilian Time — and there’s a fourth one, Ê Lalá Lay Ê, scheduled for August and produced by Rafael Ramos for the label DeckDisc.