What Nação Zumbi planned to 2002

The Recife group signs with the Brazilian record label Trama and works on the new album scheduled for june, 2002

Marco Antonio Barbosa
The Recife (PE) musical group Nação Zumbi made one step forward in their career. The band signed a contract with the Brazilian record label Trama. The union between one of the most acclaimed names of the Manguebeat movement (developed by Chico Science) and the most eclectic Brazilian label, led by João Marcelo Bôscoli (Elis Regina' s son) was a "long time affair".

Who tells us about this new relationship is Jorge Du Peixe, vocalist/MC of the band. "We' ve been flirting with Trama for a long time. We appreciate the treatment and support of the label, the dedication of Trama with their artists." says Jorge. "In the beginning of 2002, João Marcelo cited Nação Zumbi as one of the names he wanted to have in the label's cast. Then we just had a conversation...". The new contract previews the release of two albums.

The connection between Nação Zumbi and Trama was made by Otto (Brazilian percussionist and composer), who is established in Trama since 1998. "That was the time we approached definitely to Trama. We were invited by Otto to work in his sophomore effort called Condom Black, then...".

According to Jorge, the group don't have any complaints about YBrazil?, their old label. "We did everything we wanted to do in Rádio S.amb.A., without any interference". The record sales went only 20.000 copies, very little for a major label, but stimulating for a label like YBrazil?. "We always knew about the record's distribution problems. In Brazil, things are hard for non-major labels. Once, the record was being more successful in New York and London than in our own country". The band believes that people will feel stimulated to buy Rádio S.amb.A. (available at email@alternetmusic.com.br) after the release of the next album on Trama.

The singer, Jorge Du Peixe, also reveals details about the band' s future. "We're about to begin the recordings in march, 2002. And we hope it'll be finished by april, 2002. We'll make a 'pre-production' time in Recife, to see how the songs will sound, and then we'll go to São Paulo to record in the Trama studio".