Yamandú Costa rocks the world of acoustic guitar

Nana Vaz de Castro
A new and young (21 y.o.) artist from the south of Brazil has been shaking the realms of traditional acoustic guitar playing and rocking the realms of guitarists in general. The difference between his way of playing the seven-string and the usual virtuoso approach to the instrument puzzles the listeners' minds. Yamandu Costa plays it rough, with special attention to rhythm and harmony and no strings attached to traditionalism. As a performer, he also attracts people's attention, because he doesn't just sit there, but he'll move around a lot, sit down, stand up, beat on the guitar and still deliver the goods. Acknowledged as a force of nature by established artists like Paulo Moura ("He's instigating") and Guinga ("He does unbelievable things"), Yamandu is a name to remember, and the promise of groundbreaking guitar playing.